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February 14, 2021
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Kesar Mango

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India ranks First in the world for the mango production which accounts for 56% of the world’s mango production. Kesar Mango sourced from the state of Gujarat & Maharashtra in western India , Kesar mangoes swank a burnishing bright-yellow pulp. This mango cultivar is so popular that it has a geographical indication (GI) of its own, patenting to its uniqueness and specific geographical origin. The nomenclature, Kesar, boats regality as it was accorded by the Nawab of Junagadh in 1934. Kesar mangoes are cultivated from April to June and is among the most prized varieties of mangoes. The fruit has smooth-textured yellowish-green skin with non-fibrous pulp, mainly used for extracting juice and other assorted liquid-based products.


Product/Variety: Kesar Mango
Color: Green
Maturity: 100 Percent
Storage Temperature While Transporting: 11°C to 12 °C
Optimum Relative Humidity: 85% to 95%
County of Origin: India
Grade & Weight (Tentative) / Nos
A+ 300 gm + (Grams)
A 250 to 299 gm (Grams)
B 200 to 249 gm (Grams)
C 150 to 199 gm (Grams)
Regions / Size of mango we ship:
Middle East (GCC): 200 to 250 gm (Grams)
Netherlands & Germany: 250 to 300 gm (Grams)
United Kingdom: 250 to 300 gm (Grams)
Japan: 300 to 400 gm (Grams)
USA: 250 to 300 gm (Grams)
Packing Details:
Material of Packing: Corrugated Fibre Board
6 Nos. / Box Dimensions: 225 x 170 x 100 (mm)
9 Nos. / Box Dimensions: 225 x 225 x 100 (mm)
12 Nos. / Box Dimensions: 260 x 230 x 100 (mm)
15 Nos. / Box Dimensions: 350x 220 x 100 (mm)
18 Nos. / Box Dimensions: 420 x 220 x 100 (mm)
Special packing: Available (Subject To Buyer Requirement)
For USA Box Dimensions: 370 x 275 x 90 (mm) (Approved by USDA-APHIS)
Supply Ability: 80 Ton /Week (Metric Ton)
Minimum order Qty. Minimum Order +1000 Kgs
Processing Time: 7-12 Working days after confirmation
Available payment terms: Letter of Credit (L/C) or 100% Advance
Quality Tagline: Best quality is our main base
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